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Our mini kitchens have a stainless steel sink, electric two-burner cooktop, refrigerator-freezer, and a countertop. There is also a large storage cabinets.

Wiring/plumbing should be professionally done. Each unit uses regular household current.

Easy to order and easy to install, each unit comes fully assembled and in one box.

Mini Kitchens are flexible in both design and application and allow the creative builder or rennovator a huge advantage.

Once you get your mini kitchen installed and running, send us a picture and we will send you $5! Include a quick note of how you are using your mini kitchen, and why you chose our product. (More info HERE).

Mini kitchens save time * money * space!

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Cooktop Range mini kitchen refrigerator Sink
minikitchen range Refrigerator minikitchen sink
Mini kitchens are a new and unique space saving
combination appliance + cooking center!

Great anyplace space is important. A mini kitchen is at home in cottages, R.V.s, boats, icehouses, apartments. Retirees love them, there is less to clean, and college students love them for space they save and mini kitchens match their quick and casual lifestyle!
A mini kitchen comes with all the features and benefits of their full-sized counterparts.


Each mini kitchen is of the highest quality, and are equal to or better than their separate counterparts in both quality, utility, and durability.

Each unit is under full warranty, and you are guaranteed to have a working unit or repair/replacement will be done at the manufacturer's expense.

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